Special SPU Evacuation Protocols for COVID-19

Building Evacuations

During a fire emergency, evacuation is the primary objective and social distancing is a secondary objective.  In the event of a fire alarm or other alert prompting a building evacuation, remember the following:

  • Students, faculty, and staff must immediately evacuate a building when the fire alarm sounds.
  • If possible, each person should wear a face covering while evacuating and should wear appropriate attire for extended exposure to weather.
  • Every person should maintain physical distancing as best as possible while evacuating, but do not let physical distancing delay your evacuation.
  • Once evacuated, move away from the building.
  • Assemble in a designated zone at your evacuation assembly area, and attempt to maintain at least six feet separation from other people.
  • Be aware of responding emergency vehicles so you do not block their access.
  • Follow Building Emergency Coordinator (BEC) instructions and respond to roll call.
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer upon returning to your room.

Evacuating Students in Isolation and Quarantine

All students, even students in isolation or quarantine, should evacuate a building if the fire alarm sounds or if a faculty member, a staff member, or the SPU‐Alert System instructs building occupants to evacuate.  

Students in isolation who evacuate should try to stay separated from other building occupants who evacuate (e.g., if possible, a student in isolation who has a vehicle on campus can go to the vehicle until building reentry is permitted).

Students who are in quarantine should evacuate to designated zones at their evacuation assembly areas, as described below.  Zones are based on floors for non-suite halls and quarantined rooms and floors for suite-type halls and the Wesley apartments.

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