Emergency Response Leadership

SPU has multiple teams of employees that assist in emergency preparedness and response activities.
  • The Emergency and Crisis Management Team (ECMT) is the lead team for SPU in preparing for and managing emergencies. The ECMT consists of senior leadership and representatives of key departments (e.g., Office of Safety and Security, Facilities and Project Management, Computer and Information Systems, University Communications).
  • The Core Support Operations Team (CSOT) is responsible for emergency preparedness and response as it relates to the core educational support services of SPU. The CSOT consists of representatives of several administrative departments.
  • The Communications Team (CT) is responsible for managing communications to the SPU community and broader public regarding campus emergencies. The CT consists of representatives from University Communications and other departments.
  • The Emergency Support Function Teams (ESF Teams) are groups of CSOT members who have been assigned emergency support functions (ESF) based on their operational areas. In the event of an extended evacuation, ESF Teams will establish outdoor field stations on campus.
  • The Building Emergency Coordinators (BECs) are SPU employees from various departments who facilitate emergency response for their particular buildings or floors. BECs can be identified in an emergency by their bright orange vests.

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