Campus Response

In the event of a fire on campus, the affected building or buildings will be evacuated. The Office of Safety and Security (OSS) will call 911 to report the fire and will dispatch OSS officers to the scene.

OSS officers are trained in fire suppression and may be able to extinguish a fire before the Seattle Fire Department can arrive. OSS officers can also administer first aid if necessary. OSS will notify building occupants when they are permitted to reenter a building that has been evacuated.

How to respond to a fire

All fires on campus should be reported immediately to OSS, including small fires or fires that are discovered after they have already been extinguished.

What to do:

  • Report a fire by calling OSS at 206-281-2911.
  • If clothing catches fire: stop, drop, and roll. Do not run.
  • If you are inside a building and the fire is outside, close your windows to prevent smoke from getting inside.
  • If the fire is inside a building:
    • Sound the fire alarm (e.g., by pulling a fire alarm station).
    • Evacuate the building (see “Evacuation and Assembly” for more information).
    • Alert OSS if someone with a disability requires assistance in evacuating the building.
    • Notify Building Emergency Coordinators and other emergency officials if you suspect anyone may be trapped in the building.
    • If caught in heavy smoke, drop to hands and knees and crawl; hold breath as much as possible; breathe shallowly through nose and use a blouse, shirt, or jacket as a filter.
    • If trapped by fire, place a wet towel or other clothing at the base of the door to prevent smoke from seeping in. Call OSS or yell out a window for assistance.

What NOT to do:

  • Do not attempt to extinguish a fire by yourself unless it is very small and localized.
  • Do not ignore alarms or assume they are false alarms.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Do not return to your building until you are notified that it is safe to do so by SPU officials.

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