Lockdown Procedures

SPU will initiate a campus lockdown in response to certain types of threats to campus.

In a lockdown, SPU building entrances will be locked and campus activities and events will be suspended until further notice. The SPU-Alert System will be used to notify the campus about the start and end of a campus lockdown. (For additional information about active shooter and other armed threat situations, visit the Active Shooter/Armed Threat webpage.)

General guidance:

  • Follow instructions issued through SPU-Alert.
  • Cooperate with law enforcement officials, and take precautions so that you are not mistaken for a threat. For example, if police approach you in a secured room, stand still, keep your hands open and visible, and follow their instructions.

If you are inside a building during a lockdown:

  • Move to a safe and securable area (e.g., an office, classroom, or dorm room) and lock the doors.
  • Close the window coverings, move away from the windows, and get low on the floor.
  • Remain in your secure area and await further instruction via SPU-Alert.

If you are outside during a lockdown:

  • Leave the area and seek safe shelter off campus.
  • Await further instruction via SPU-Alert.

What NOT to do:

  • Do not leave a secured area during an emergency to see what is happening.
  • Do not allow another person into a secured area during an emergency unless told to do so by law enforcement authorities or SPU officials.

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