Reporting Threats, Crimes, and Emergencies

Report threats, crimes, and emergencies to the Office of Safety and Security (OSS) by calling 206-281-2911 or by pressing the call button on any campus emergency phone.

Threats, crimes, and emergencies can be reported to the Office of Safety and Security (OSS) as noted above.  Non-emergency information can also be reported to OSS by calling 206-281-2922 or by making a report using SPU’s Online Crime Reporting Form.

When OSS dispatchers receive calls, they can alert 911 and direct medical and police responders to the appropriate campus locations. Also, OSS officers are trained first responders and can often provide medical help before first responders from 911 arrive. When calling OSS, stay on the line until no further information is required.  If requested by OSS, wait where you are for the arrival of emergency personnel.

For additional guidance on reporting threats, crimes, and emergencies, click on the links below.

Reporting Threats

Threats that could affect the campus community should be reported to the Office of Safety and Security (OSS).  Threats of violence or harm can be both verbal and nonverbal. They can include physical acts (e.g., brandishing a weapon, making aggressive gestures), oral or written statements (including by phone, email, text, or social media), or patterns of behavior (e.g., stalking).

Suspicious behavior that indicates a possible threat to persons or property should also be reported to OSS. This may include a person circling a building and looking in windows, a person looking through windows of parked cars, a person loitering outside a locked door, or a person leaving an unattended package in an unusual place.

In some cases, a person may pose a threat of harm to himself or herself. Threats of self-harm should be reported to the Office of Student Life (206-281-2481) and/or OSS (206-281-2911). Students should remember that SPU offers conditional amnesty for certain policy violations to students who are accessing medical help for themselves or others.

Reporting Crimes

SPU encourages faculty, staff, and students to report to the Office of Safety and Security (OSS) all crimes that occur on SPU property or at SPU activities, especially if the crime may pose an ongoing threat or if SPU can provide support to a victim.

Crimes that occur off campus should be reported to local law enforcement, and crimes that occur on campus may also be reported to local law enforcement. OSS can assist in making a report to local law enforcement.

Certain SPU students and employees have mandatory reporting responsibilities for crimes and similar conduct under applicable laws or SPU policy . In particular:

  • Most SPU employees are required by state law to report abuse or neglect of minors to state authorities.
  • Most SPU employees are designated Title IX mandatory reporters and are required to report to a Sexual Misconduct Report Receiver incidents of sexual assault and gender-based violence affecting the campus.
  • Many SPU employees and certain SPU students are designated “Campus Security Authorities” pursuant to the federal law known as the Clery Act, and are required to report certain types of crimes to OSS.

For more information about mandatory reporter responsibilities, see SPU’s Nondiscrimination/Title IX website and its links to additional resources.

When reporting a crime to OSS, include as much relevant detail as possible. This may include some or all of the following:

  • Description of the concerning behavior
  • Description of the suspect’s
    • Age
    • Sex
    • Dress
    • Hair color and length (and facial hair color and length)
    • Race
    • Clothing
    • Tattoos and scars or other noticeable characteristics
    • Weapons
    • Type of vehicle, vehicle color, license plate, and direction of travel
  • Content of spoken or written communications
  • Your name, location, and phone number

Reporting Emergencies

All campus emergencies should be reported immediately to the Office of Safety and Security. Examples of possible campus emergencies include:

  • Armed intruder
  • Bomb threat
  • A crime in progress
  • Fire
  • Hazardous material spill
  • Medical emergency
  • Any other imminent threat of harm

A student who is missing (e.g., whereabouts unknown for at least 24 hours) should immediately be reported to OSS at 206-281-2911.

If you receive an inquiry from law enforcement officials related to the emergency, please notify OSS. Also, if you receive an inquiry from the media about a campus emergency, please refer the inquiry to SPU’s director of public information at 206-281-2977.

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