Bomb Threat

Campus response

If SPU is notified of a bomb threat, the Office of Safety and Security (OSS) will gather information about the situation and will work with law enforcement authorities and SPU leadership to determine the University’s response.

SPU’s response to a situation will depend on the particular facts, and may include some or all of the following: evacuating and searching campus buildings, suspending campus events and activities, putting some or all of the campus in lockdown, and/or sending messages using SPU-Alert.

How to respond to a bomb threat

What to do if you receive a bomb threat via phone call:

  • Stay calm.
  • Obtain as much information from the caller as you can. Review the Bomb Threat Report Form to become familiar with the type of information to record.
  • Keep the caller on the line as long as possible.
  • Tell someone else to call OSS while you talk with the caller, if possible.
  • Notify OSS as quickly as possible by calling 206-281-2911.
  • After the call, fill out the Bomb Threat Report Form and give it to OSS.

What to do if you obtain information about a bomb threat through other means:

  • Notify OSS as quickly as possible by calling 206-281-2911.
  • Provide OSS with as much information and documentation as you can (e.g., if the threat was in a letter, online, or in a text, then provide a copy of the letter, a print-out, or a screen shot).

What to do if you observe a suspicious package or object:

  • Check your work area for suspicious packages, bags, or other objects.
  • Report any suspicious objects to OSS by calling 206-281-2911.
  • Evacuate immediately if a bomb is discovered before authorities arrive.

What NOT to do:

  • Do not assume a bomb threat is a prank. Assume it’s real.
  • Do not touch, move, or cover a suspected bomb.
  • Do not use walkie-talkie devices or cell phones in the area.
  • Do not activate the building alarm.
  • Do not turn on/off electrical devices or switches.
  • Do not use elevators.

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