Faculty, Staff, and Student Responsibilities

To help the campus prepare for and respond to emergencies, faculty, staff, and students should do the following:

Preparing for an emergency

  • Confirm their mobile phone numbers can receive SPU-Alert messages.
  • Enter the phone number for the Office of Safety and Security (OSS) into their mobile phones (206-281-2911).
  • Annually review and update emergency contact information in Banner.
  • Inspect personal work areas (e.g., offices, classrooms) and/or living areas (e.g., apartments, residence hall rooms) for potential hazards.
  • Know evacuation routes and assembly areas for personal work areas and living areas.
  • Be familiar with SPU’s Stop. Think. Act. book (PDF) and SPU’s Emergency and Crisis Management Plan.
  • Participate in SPU emergency drills.
  • Develop personal and family preparedness plans and supplies for emergencies.
  • For staff and faculty members, confirm that offices and classrooms have copies of the Stop. Think. Act. book. If you do not have a copy, email emergencyteam@spu.edu.

Responding to an emergency

  • Notify OSS of any threat to the campus or of a student missing for more than 24 hours
  • Follow instructions sent through SPU-Alert as well as instructions from OSS, Building Emergency Coordinators (BECs), or other emergency responders (e.g., police, fire department)
  • Watch for people who may need help during an emergency (e.g., persons with disabilities, persons who are injured)
  • If a building has been evacuated, do not reenter the building until official permission has been given
  • In an evacuation, notify the person taking roll that you are present (professors will take roll for their classes, and BECs will take roll for people in their areas)

Additional faculty responsibilities

In addition to the responsibilities described above, faculty members should also do the following:

  • Provide information to students about evacuation routes and assembly areas on the first day of class, and note the location of the Stop. Think. Act. book in the classroom
  • Keep current rosters for each class to be used during roll call in an evacuation
  • Be familiar with how to lock down each classroom in which you teach.
  • If a drill occurs during class, lead students during emergency drills.
  • If an emergency occurs during class, lead students in following instructions from SPU-Alert.
  • If an evacuation occurs during class, conduct a roll call for the class, report the information to a BEC, and remain with students until the evacuation is over.
  • If possible, consider contingency plans for how courses could be conducted if on-campus facilities are temporarily unavailable.

Additional information about faculty, staff, and student responsibilities for preparing for and responding to emergencies can be found in the Emergency and Crisis Management Plan.

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